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Assistant Robots

Assistant Robots

Sale of incredible Robots Assistant

Here are the best assistant robots, choose the one you like best and take it home

PadBot P3 humanoid Paibao robot service

2. UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot

Alpha 1 Pro is an excellent programmable domestic humanoid robot
It can be used for entertainment and education. This robot has 3D visual programming software, perfectly designed high-precision servo joints and the PRP (Pose, Record & Playback) function is easily controlled in a single application. Alpha

Zenbo Junior

Zenbo Junior is the first ASUS robot with Amazon Alexa incorporated. Just enable the Zenbo skill in the great Alexa app to ask Zenbo Junior to make moves. Enjoy also your favorite Alexa skills with Zenbo Junior.

The robotic personal assistant Xperia Hello from Sony can now be a great expensive member of your family

The new Sony robotic personal assistant called Xperia Hello is now ready for your wonderful homes. The swivel smart speaker that and a 4.55-inch LCD screen on its belly. The Xperia robot responds to voices and runs Android, facial expressions and gestures. You can also make Skype video calls and take photos, check the status of family members both inside and outside the house, provide reminders and alert you to news, weather changes and traffic.

Tapia AI Protecting Life Support

“Keep learning, keep growing.”
Tapia will make your day with the best jokes and laughs after a long day at the office. It will also remind you and help you stay closer to your loved ones who are miles away when taking photos of your happy moments together. Tapia also gives you very useful updates on the weather conditions when it comes out, you can also play the best music when asked to help you relax or set the mood. As a roommate, friend and daily companion, this magnificent robot will always remain faithful at your side and will evolve with you on the journey of a beautiful life.

Gita Robot

Give Gita all your food. Your yoga mat Your equipment. Or whatever moves you. And Gita will move along with you. Imagine exploring parks, plazas, and sidewalks, with your hands-free to work or play. Gita not only makes life easier. It makes life more fun.

DJI RoboMaster S1 Educational robot with 1080p HD camera + 32GB backpack pack

The exceptional robot Robomaster S1 from DJI is an improved consumer version of the robots that children are building at their local STEM friendly school. As such, it is not just a robot; It is a learning experience. You build it, program it and fight other robots with it.

Programmable conversation wukong monkey king robot children

I fear the personal robot

GT Wonder Boy Smart Social Companion

Anki Vector Robot

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