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Smart clothes

¿It’s a little cold, don’t you think? It would be interesting to have a gadget that maintains the perfect temperature of your body under any conditions, if so then you need smart clothes. This gadget is the perfect solution for athletes, plus there are other types of smart clothes such as dresses, LED caps or thermal clothing.

You’re in the right place! We are the best smart clothing dealers on the internet. We spice ourselves in smart clothing gadgets, we have LED caps, dresses, and warming gloves. Any type of smart clothing can be found here, at the right price, from the best brands and with the best quality.

In this category, you can find jackets vests gloves caps and caps, for men and women

Here are the different and great models of smart clothes of the future

Thermal jackets and vests for women

ORORO – Lightweight thermal vest for women with battery

Ororo fitted thermal jacket, without wires, with battery and detachable hood, for women

Venture Heat – Thermal Parka for women with battery – Long double-layer electrically insulated layer, Expedition 2.0

Thermal jackets and vests for men

VALLEY WIND Lightweight heated vest, 5V USB charging, warm vest for outdoor camping


Heated Venture Heat Parka for men with battery pack

Gerbing – Thermal jacket lining, 12V, motorcycle protection equipment with taffeta lining, 7 microwave hot zones

Thermal gloves with the rechargeable battery

Heated gloves with a rechargeable battery for men and women for arthritic hands, 7.4 V

Sunburned – Heated gloves with rechargeable 3.7 V battery

Heated gloves for men and women

Thermal caps with a rechargeable battery

Heated cap with a rechargeable battery, for winter, warm, insulated, fleece, for outdoor sports, climbing, hiking, hunting, heater, novelty, cycling, snow, skiing, fishing, heater, 3 heat

Smart caps


YIDAN – LED party hat

Baseball hat with light

Women’s spectacular dresses

JOVANI authentic dress Top

JOVANI authentic dress


JOVANI authentic dress BEST PRICE

YZ Luxury Crystal Bright Diamond Sexy Fancy Wedding Dress VIVX

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