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Pet robots

Sale of incredible Pet robots

Here are the 3 best Robots Pet, choose the one you like best and take it.

1. Aibo: what it is like to live with the great Sony robot dog

Being with people is what he likes and loves Aibo. With a cheerful and beautiful curiosity, Aibo wants to meet you, explore his surroundings, understand the ways of the world:
and, from time to time, be a little naughty.

Sony Aibo ERS-110 Entertainment Robot

DIMEI 9007A RC Smart Toy Robot

Sony Aibo ERS-312 Macaron Robotic Dog – Gray – Import from Japan RARE!

Star Wars Hero BB-8 fully interactive droid from Spin Master

Puppy Go AI Smart Puppy Robot for dog, voice control application Interation Toys

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